Delivering Your Dreams

As our slogan would suggest, we make sure that your dream of a wonderful and successful African Safari is delivered. Serving the Hunting Industry is not just a job for us it is a passion and one that we hope to preserve for generations to come.

We constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to make your trophies journey home as simple, cost effective and as hassle free as possible.

For so long the information surrounding the export of Hunting Trophies have been kept secretive and Hunters were expected to fit the bill without fully understanding what it is their actually paying for and why costs are so exorbitant. With the help of our partners in each of the sectors of the process from the Hunt to the delivery of your trophies, we hope to educate the Hunter to better understanding and appreciating the entire process and very importantly show Hunters how they can save a buck or two.

About Us

Express Trophy Services is a small, privately owned Business situated a mere stone through away from Johannesburg International Airport. As our name would imply, we are a Specialist Trophy Forwarder, but our expertise stretch way beyond just one commodity.

The founder and owner of Express Trophy Services have over the past 12 years obtained the necessary skill sets, knowledge and experience to handle just about any commodity to and from just about anywhere in the World. With a team dedicated to deliver on time, Express Trophy Services is fast taking the Forwarding Industry by storm. With our foundations firmly based on the words “Big enough to matter, small enough to care” we offer our clients the best service at an affordable price.

Our Services







Ocean Freight


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